Chris Drummond

Heidi A Waldorf, MD and her team are pleased to welcome celebrity micropigmentation and semi-permanent cosmetic master, Christopher Drummond, to Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics. With an expert eye, a steady hand, and the best technique in the industry, Christopher can highlight your best features with absolute precision and artistry.

Building on a career as a celebrity makeup artist, with clients that have included JLO, Hallie Berry, Jane Fonda and Glenn Close, Christopher was one of the first practitioners of eyebrow microblading in the United States. He developed a proprietary technique, Brow2, using microblading and nanostroking to create ‘eyebrow embroidery’.

Christopher combines technique with a special understanding of facial aesthetics across ages, ethnicities and skin colors, and of the science of tattoo ink, to give every client customized brows that match their face and cosmetic goals. Most importantly, they don’t look ‘tattooed’ but instead appear natural, with the shading and depth of hair. He applies similar principles for other indications like eyeliner and the latest cosmetic trend, lip blushing, plus camouflage for scars and stretch marks and creation of post-mastectomy nipples and areola.

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Christopher is in high demand, by clients he sees in New York City and Miami and by micropigmentation artists to whom he teaches his techniques nationally. In fact, he did Dr. Heidi’s eyebrows in 2018 – and she wouldn’t trust her face to just anyone. She loves that her eyebrows look completely natural, compliment her face and no longer need makeup to look great! As with the injectables and other noninvasive rejuvenation procedures that Dr. Heidi provides, Christopher’s work is meant to let you look like the best version of you. And now, Christopher is offering his expertise in the comfort and convenience of Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics’ beautifully renovated upstairs suite.

Christopher Drummond is accepting appointments at Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics in Nanuet, New York on Fridays.

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The Results

Micropigmentation and Semi-Permanent Cosmetics
Choosing the right color is as important as the shape. Using neutral tones, Christopher created defined brows on this blond client.

Micropigmentation and Semi-Permanent Cosmetics
Lip blushing can enhance your natural lips, making them look more defined, full and healthy.
Micropigmentation and Semi-Permanent Cosmetics
By correcting her old discolored brow tattoos and adding an ultra thin upper eyeliner, Christopher gave this client an updated, effortless, sophisticated look.

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