Dr. Heidi Shows You How To Apply Sunscreen

Here are some ” Heideas” on how to apply sunscreen – even those with zinc oxide  – quickly, easily, and without white residue! Easy peasy every day. The topic comes up again and again from patients, friends and the media: how do I apply sunscreen so it doesn’t look white? You asked for it so here it is. Three videos highlighting how to apply sunscreen to the face, neck and body!

Part 1. How to apply sunscreen to the face


“At long last, it’s spring; time for sunscreen – and I’m going to show you how to use it!

This is the Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50 by ISDIN – I love this sunscreen. It’s a shake lotion. To start, I shake it up, put some in my hand and I don’t rub my hands together, I just take some, and voila, I rub it here [on my cheeks], and here [on my forehead] and here, [on my nose] and then, it looks white, right? I start rubbing [the sunscreen] away from my eyes and into my hairline; notice that I’m also rubbing [the sunscreen] in a downward motion. I’m not getting it into my eyes and I’m not rubbing in a circle, everything is straight and now… it’s rubbed in [with no remaining whiteness]!”

Part 2: How to apply sunscreen to the neck


“Hello, I’m back [and I’m ready] to tell you more about how to apply sunscreen. You’ve done your face, so now [here] comes the neck! To be selfie-ready and look young all over, always have your products ready.

You don’t want to forget your neck. When applying I continue to apply down and around the back of my neck because if I wear a ponytail or bun I need to stay protected. Then I apply down, down, down [to the chest], all in one direction. With that motion [the whiteness] gets better and better quickly. And, it’s gone!”

Part 3: How to apply sunscreen to the body


“Memorial Day weekend is here, the unofficial start of summer – so many outdoor things to do! I’m going to show you how to put your sunscreen on, the fast and easy way, share the list of some of my favorites and remember, a hat and a shirt always help!

Blue Lizard is one of my favorite sunscreens for beach activities. I’ve rubbed it on, and now, we’re going to make it disappear. Notice that if I keep doing this [rubbing skin in one direction] and sweeping it around my skin, it’s already disappearing. It’s in quickly, and voila!”

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