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Winter Skincare Tips! #heideasonthego

Winter Skincare Tips! #heideasonthego

Avoid common skin care errors this winter ❄️ with Dr. Heidi’s winter skin care primer. (And it’s not the cold playing with your mind – there is a small mismatch between the sound and the video ????‍♀️)… Read more

Winter Skin Care Myths

Three Winter Skincare Myths

Winter may almost be over, but as long as these cold snaps continue (and let’s be honest, they could last until April on the East Coast!), I’ll unpack some of the most common winter skin care myths patients ask me about time and time again.  Straight from the #mythbustermondays series on our Dr. Heidi’s Instagram… Read more

Sunscreen Myths

Debunking Your Common Sunscreen Myths

A few of my most recent #mythbustermonday posts have focused on two incredibly common sunscreen myths I hear from patients on a regular basis. As a dermatologist and avid sunscreen user, my job is to set the record straight, so let’s dive right in: Sunscreen Myth “Why do I need sunscreen during the week? I… Read more