This #mythbusters series, we’re addressing laser myths and injection-phobia once and for all!

Detox Myths That Need Debunking

Our lives can be full of stress and ‘stuff’, so it isn’t a surprise that everyone is looking for instant ‘detoxification.’ Unfortunately with interest comes mythology!  Products that claim to remove ‘dangerous’ toxins through sweat, juice cleanses, and even at-home enemas are not only ineffective, but can be downright dangerous. That’s why this installment of… Read more

Social Media Myths

Mythbusters for the Social Media Era

It’s hard to remember a world before social media and there’s no doubt that it’s brought us so much: more opportunity for connection and the gift of the selfie. But it has also reinforced unrealistic expectations about our skin and our bodies. Many patients can no longer grasp what they really look like beyond the… Read more

Aging Skin

Myths About Aging Skin That We Need To Talk About

Aging skin is inevitable. But with modern technology, how we age is up to us. It seems that every day there’s an article or news story about some new, latest and greatest way to look younger. But how do you figure out what really works and what’s just spin? And even if it works in… Read more

cosmetic treatment myths

“My Skin Is Too Sensitive To Lasers”… And Other Cosmetic Treatment Myths I Hear

Even though cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever (and there is increasingly better education out there than there ever used to be), I still continue to hear treatment myths about cosmetic procedures that amaze me – “my skin won’t tolerate lasers”; “ I’m needle-phobic”. There is so much fear out there, but there doesn’t… Read more

Winter Skin Care Myths

Three Winter Skincare Myths

Winter may almost be over, but as long as these cold snaps continue (and let’s be honest, they could last until April on the East Coast!), I’ll unpack some of the most common winter skin care myths patients ask me about time and time again.  Straight from the #mythbustermondays series on our Dr. Heidi’s Instagram… Read more

Debunking Your Common Natural Skincare Myths

Debunking Your Common ‘Natural Skincare’ Myths

Recent years have seen a surge in natural skincare and the popularity of all things ‘organic’. It’s natural to think that anything that comes from nature is inevitably better and ‘healthier’ for you than products that are man made. But in the world of dermatology and skin, that’s not necessarily the case. Below, straight from… Read more

Sunscreen Myths

Debunking Your Common Sunscreen Myths

A few of my most recent #mythbustermonday posts have focused on two incredibly common sunscreen myths I hear from patients on a regular basis. As a dermatologist and avid sunscreen user, my job is to set the record straight, so let’s dive right in: Sunscreen Myth “Why do I need sunscreen during the week? I… Read more