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In Conversation With Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai on Aesthetics and "Filler Freakdom"

In Conversation With Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai on Aesthetics and “Filler Freakdom”

Couldn’t have said it better myself: “In conversation with my awesome dermatological colleague from across the pond – Dr. Heidi Waldorf, (https://waldorfderm.com). Our Aesthetic philosophies are closely aligned – Less is MORE. We discuss the “overfilled face syndrome” and how to prevent and manage patient expectations that can inadvertently lead to filler freakdom.” Follow her… Read more

This isn't your regular EmSculpt Video!

This isn’t your regular EmSculpt Video!

I’m Starting 2020 with the theme of #hope???? from #scienceandtechnology ???? I love being a doctor, especially at times like this. When I got EmSculpt in 2018, I immediately wondered if I could use it to help this fabulous friend/inspiration/hero. The arrival of the small arm applicators in summer 2019 made it viable. Recent medical… Read more

Headcold Hacks! #heidieasfromhome

Headcold Hacks! #heidieasfromhome

Dr. Heidi discusses using her #aestheticdoppkit to treat cold symptoms in an airplane, how to #cooldown or break a #flush anytime, and why she’s not really #highmaintenance @skyniceland @slipsilkpillowcase @earplanes #practicaladvice #macguyver #macgirlver #selfmaintenance #usewhatyouhave #travelhacks #headcoldhacks… Read more

Selfcare Revelation in Bangkok #heideasonthego

Selfcare Revelation in Bangkok #heideasonthego

In this #heideasonthego, Dr. Heidi describes her personal revelation on the results of skipping #selfcare, the #digitaldetoxdilemma, and what she’s going to make a daily priority post-vacation. This message is said with deep appreciation for the ability to take these types of vacations. Sending a special thank you to @mo_bangkok for always making the MOB… Read more

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