Waldorf Dermatology's
Administrative and Clinical Staff

Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics was built on a team approach. Many of our friendly and knowledgeable front and clinical staff have worked with Dr. Waldorf for decades. All of our staff and are committed to making your experience at our office a positive one.

WDA Staff

Whether it's helping you schedule your first consultation or a day of treatments, assisting you with questions about payment, package options or gift certificates, our front staff has the information you need to plan when to come in and in what order to schedule procedures. Call them if you need products and they will have your bag ready for you or arrange for it to be mailed.

The front staff works closely with the clinical staff to plan your time at Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics. In addition to assisting Dr. Waldorf with your evaluation and treatment, our nurses are available to help answer your questions about procedures and products and perform selected procedures. They are vigilant about making your sure your care is not only effective but safe. Trained by Dr Waldorf, they learn not only how to treat, but importantly, when not to treat. Cosmetic dermatology is always changing and our nurses continue to learn new techniques that Dr. Waldorf brings back from around the globe.