May 2018

beauty idea

Beauty Shark Tank: “Wish I’d Thought Of That!”

You might be thinking, “It’s been a little quiet lately.” Well, it turns out that it is a lot easier to have a Heidea than to turn it into a written blog post.  But isn’t that the way with most things?  How often do we see a new product and say, wow, why didn’t I… Read more

cosmetic treatment myths

“My Skin Is Too Sensitive To Lasers”… And Other Cosmetic Treatment Myths I Hear

Even though cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever (and there is increasingly better education out there than there ever used to be), I still continue to hear treatment myths about cosmetic procedures that amaze me – “my skin won’t tolerate lasers”; “ I’m needle-phobic”. There is so much fear out there, but there doesn’t… Read more

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